Is Aerostat still able to supply aerial ignition spheres for use in the MK III dispenser?


Aerostat has an uninterrupted supply of aerial ignition spheres manufactured in the USA and will be able to supply your needs as it has for more than twenty-five years.


Does Aerostat impose a minimum on the number of boxes of aerial ignition spheres that must be purchased?


Aerostat does not impose a minimum quantity of boxes to be purchased and welcomes your business whether you are purchasing one box or a thousand boxes.


Can Aerostat service aerial ignition dispensers?


Aerostat maintains a full service repair facility should your dispenser need servicing. In many instances we can diagnose the problem over the phone with you and tell you what needs to be done. However, in the event a machine is sent in for repair no work will be done without first contacting you and giving you an estimated cost.


How long does it generally take to get a machine repaired?


Generally machines are serviced and sent back within seven to ten business days. However, in the event of an emergency we have turned machines around in less than 24 hours.


Is there a warranty on repair work?


If we do a part replacement, we will warranty the part on a non-prorated basis for six months from the time the machine is sent back to you. In the event we do a full overhaul on your machine we will warranty the machine for two years on a non-prorated basis. (If the machine is damaged during the warranty period by misuse (i.e.: failure to keep it lubricated, dropping the machine, running the pumps without fluids passing through, etc.) then the warranty will be void.


How easy is it to contact Aerostat?


Aerostat can be contacted by calling our offices at 352.787.1348 or via E-mail. In the event of an emergency you can also contact someone 24x7 by calling 352.408.3805 or 352.233.0561

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