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Aerostat, Inc. is based in central Florida in the city of Leesburg.  It has maintained its headquarters there since its inception more than twenty-five years ago.

Its founder, Lewis Puckett, has extensive aviation experience as a pilot of both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.  As a pilot he gained a great deal of experience in regard to prescribed burning.  While performing burn operations he conceptualized the automation of the process that ultimately led to the development of plastic sphere dispensers.

Aerostat takes great pride in the relationships it has with various federal, state and local agencies involved in forest and wild land management.  If you are having a problem with your dispenser contact Aerostat and we will be glad to assist you.  Some repairs are easy to diagnose and we can supply the necessary part.  Other repairs can be more complex but we maintain a comprehensive repair facility where we can totally overhaul dispensers. We are committed to providing both timely and high quality service including estimates of repair costs before work is done.

Several years ago Aerostat recognized a problem with the quality and uninterrupted supply of aerial ignition spheres being produced outside of the United States.  In keeping with its commitment to be able to supply users of the spheres in a timely manner it made arrangements to have spheres manufactured in the United States through its affiliate company PSDS, Inc. Subsequently Aerostat began an effort to develop a new plastic sphere dispenser and is now the sole distributor of the MARK V, which is made by PSDS, Inc. All of the products manufactured by PSDS, Inc. for Aerostat have been tested and approved by IHOPs and to assure uninterrupted production of products all suppliers of materials to both Aerostat and PSDS are USA domiciled companies as well.

Wetake great pride in being a United States based company and are very proud of our relationships with government agencies at all levels.  Moreover we are proud to be able to say that we are reinvesting in the economy of the USA and are helping to create and keep jobs here.

All Aerostat Products Proudly Made In The USA

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