For more than twenty-five years Aerostat, Inc. has been the premier supplier of plastic sphere dispensers and aerial ignition spheres in the United States.  In addition it has been the supplier of machine parts and has performed repairs ranging from a part replacement to total overhauls and upgrades of dispensers.

Lewis Puckett, Aerostat’s President, has been involved with the use of plastic sphere dispensers since their inception. He has continually drawn on his experiences in regard to performing aerial prescribed burns and has been a driving force in conceptualizing and improving how this type of work could be accomplished. As a result of his efforts the first PSDs were built and were continually improved to make them safer and more efficient.

PREMO MK III - Aerial Ignition System ~ CLICK HEREAerostat, Inc. is based in Leesburg, Florida and takes great pride in the long standing relationships it has forged with federal and state government agencies. We are the only company involved in the production of Plastic Sphere Dispensers and aerial ignition spheres that produces and services everything we sell in the United States. Aerostat is proud of this fact since it is not only good for the United States economy but it also eliminates issues associated with importing goods from foreign countries. 

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